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Art life #organizedchaos #insidethestudi

Lenna is an award-winning artist, art psychotherapist, licensed mental health counselor, and yoga teacher. Integrating neuroscience and holistic approaches Lenna offers customized therapy experiences that awaken the innate creative capacities of her clients in order to help them live with greater meaning, connection, and play. Offering mindfulness-based art therapy, meditation, and yoga therapy in addition to traditional psychotherapies like CBT, Lenna provides a space of safety, non-judgment and professional boundaries primed to allow clients to explore their internal experiences. Creative expression is utilized as a tool for externalization and deeper self-understanding while providing a sense of distance from that which is being observed. With years of personal and clinical experience in hospitals and outpatient treatment centers, Lenna focuses her work on helping clients access their highest potential, activate creative possibilities, and cultivate internal tools to enhance daily life with greater joy.

Outside of her art studio,  Lenna is often laughing, riding her bike, playing in nature, surfing waves, or enjoying stillness near bodies of water.

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